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Accord 4 Port GSM Gateway Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)

Accord 4 Port GSM Gateway Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT)


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(GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal)
Brand: Accord
Model: MG4

The gateway MG-4 offers 4 GSM SIM ports and 4 Line Out Ports


MG-4 is a 'GSM wireless telephone line' offered as the replacement for 'wired telephone line'. Based on GSM technology, the device offers the same environment with GSM SIM to your normal phone or PABX/KTS as the wired phone line offers. It is an 'Anytime'/ 'Anywhere' phoning connection for all, without the hassles of wires.

Product Features

  • 4 GSM Sim Port In and 4 Line Out Port
  • Caller ID presentation on Output (FXS) ports
  • Local/95 calls/Mobile/STD/ISD calls locking facility
  • Dial Tone similar to P&T line dial tone
  • '95' to '0' conversion to dial '95' calls via GSM network
  • Polarity reversal on call maturity for call metering purpose
  • Call waiting facility of GSM network can be operated by PABX/KTS extension users
  • Echo cancellation for excellent voice
  • City code programmable to dial fixed local numbers via GSM network.
  • Zero delay dialing mode
  • 16KHz Metering pulses generation for call metering purpose
  • Multi Party Conference Facility of GSM network can be operated by PABX/KTS extension users


  • Wireless connectivity to Public network using GSM technology is provided. Organizations situated on the outskirts of cities, forests, hilly terrains, deserts etc. can benefit from the service as the availability of wired telephone lines is very poor and unreliable for them.
  • Tamperproof, weatherproof connectivity. In situations of wire cut, thunder, bad weather etc., connections will be intact through GSM connectivity. This helps to keep an alternate reliable route available at all times and incoming traffic remains un-disturbed.
  • Anytime – Anywhere instant availability of public [GSM] network lines.
  • Zero installation time
  • Low cost Mobile to Mobile tariff can be availed on PABX/KTS extension phones
  • Low cost Closed User Group can be formed among mobile phones and PABX/KTS extension phones to stay in touch with staff and colleagues.
  • All 'Fixed to Mobile' and 'Mobile to Fixed' calls can be converted to 'Mobile to Mobile' calls which will save communication cost.
  • Cost cutting in office phone bills with the use of pre-paid SIM cards. Outgoing calls are usually made via a wired telephone network connection which is a postpaid line. The bill cannot be controlled in such a situation. However, GSM GATEWAYS with EPABX can help limit office phone bills.
  • The success rate of outbound call centers is less than 5%. Majority of calls end in about 5 seconds. GSM GATEWAYS provide a per second billing plan with GSM OPERATORS which make it possible for organizations to reduce cost of such calls to just 5 paisa which otherwise would be 80 paisa per call. A significant reduction in phone bills can be achieved.

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